Thursday, November 10, 2005

I hate software ... Yeah! for software

Yesterday, I noticed that debian testing ("etch") had upgraded KDE to version 3.4. Naturally, I apt-get update; apt-get upgrade and proceeded to get all the shiny new KDE toys along with a bunch of other updates. After restarting KDE, my sound is broken. I spent too much time this morning trying to get it working and it doesn't. Certainly, this is a result of my own ineptitude, but still, software is dumb.

A few minutes later, I was fooling with DCOP so that I could get the konversation IRC client to jump out of my system tray and show itself when I do Ctl+Alt+K. dcop konversation main_window show did the trick. A few minutes later, I had created a simple keyboard shortcut with KHotKeys which runs that cute little DCOP command to do exactly what I want (KHotKeys >> New Action >> Keyboard Shortcut - DCOP Call and then set the appropriate "DCOP Call Settings". Software is cool.

I get my new iBook this afternoon. Hopefully software will still be cool then.

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