Saturday, December 31, 2005

Inventory Tracking Refrigerator

Tracking inventory of groceries in the house and making weekly shopping lists is not a suitable task for a human being. Sure, one can do it, but it's repetitive, boring and inefficient. I want my fridge to do it for me.

If my fridge had a barcode scanner and a touchscreen, I could scan items as I use them or restock them. The fridge could keep track of what I have, what I use, how quickly I use certain items, etc.

When it comes time to make my grocery list, the fridge should be able to tell me what I've run out of by generating a shopping list. I could then download that shopping list into SplashShopper on my Palm Pilot, add any atypical items and go shopping.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I was just thinking about the same thing...wonder if anyone has developed this yet?

cortrig7 said...

For serious. I have talked about this with several people in the past week. This has got to exist!

cortrig7 said...

I see this was posted in 2005 but I have had conversations with muliple people in the past week about this very concept. Does it exist somewhere??