Monday, July 30, 2007

Annual Report: Hours Worked Graph

In honor of the fun idea from Feltron Seven to publish personal annual
, I'm tentatively planning on creating my own report for 2007. I
don't want to spend much (if any) time collecting data, so this annual report
also serves as an experiment in locating data recorded about me and
aggregating it in a useful, queryable fashion.

This is the first post, in a five-month (crossing my fingers) series preparing
for my future report. The purpose is to help me flesh out ideas for content
and some techniques for creating it. As a convenient by product, these posts
will also serve as a handy scratch paper to remind me of good ideas when it
comes time to actually write the report. Each entry in this series will be
tagged with the label annual report, so they'll be easy to find later.

Now on to the first idea. Following on the heels of my recent post about
programmer context switching, and stealing Feltron's good ideas
with graphs of work and vacation, I want to include a graph showing the hours
I've worked. The graph will be a stacked, bar graph where the total bar height
indicates the number of hours I worked during each week of the year. There
will be pieces in each stack: context switching time and productive time. This
one graph should nicely highlight seasonal fluctuations in my workload and help
me see whether my efforts have reduced the overhead cost of context switching.

The data should be easy to find. I need to query my time clock database for
the total hours per week. The best bet would be to convert each data point
into RDF something like:

y2007:week_1 work:total_hours "38" .
y2007:week_2 work:total_hours "42" .

I'll get into my reasons for tentatively choosing RDF in another post, but
in this case, it might be easier to just generate the graph directly. Time
will tell.

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TanookiTravis said...

I think this will be a great idea. Logging all your time will probably get you to become more efficient going forward into the next few years. Maybe spend less time sleeping and eating and spend more time on those things in life that are actually necesarry.