Thursday, August 07, 2008

Don't Hang up on Telemarketers

My family gets about 4 phone calls from telemarketers each day. Our typical
routine is to hang up as soon as we hear the recording tell us that we are
"$10,000 into credit card debt" or our "factory car warranty has expired".
My new approach is to simply put the phone on the counter and let nature
take its course. I'm no telco genius, but this probably ties up
one of their phone lines for the duration of the recording. If I get really
lucky, it will eventually patch a person through whereupon: "Hello ... hello ..." and they'll get nothing but silence. Ah, sweet justice!


TanookiTravis said...

That is brilliant. I haven't had to deal with telomarketers in a while since they can't call cell phones but I sort of miss those little guys. They are quite a nuisance but they have their benefits in the entertainment department.

Anonymous said...

Check this - one of most amazing pranks played on a telemarketer..