Wednesday, March 15, 2017

AGI Script completed, returning 4

I use Asterisk to run my phone system.  Most of my dialplan is an AGI script written in Perl.  In certain circumstances, I kept finding the following message in Asterisk's logs:
AGI Script ... completed, returning 4
My script should always return 0, so seeing an exit code of 4 was unexpected.  After this log message appeared, no further code in my AGI script was executed, also unexpected.

After a bunch of debugging, I discovered that Asterisk sends SIGHUP to your script if a caller hangs up.  The exit code 4 was Asterisk's interpretation of Perl's exit code when SIGHUP wasn't handled.  I installed a handler for that signal and now everything's grand.

Prior to tonight's debugging, I had never used the sigtrap package.  Its stack traces were very helpful.

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