Monday, September 03, 2007

24 Jars of Crabapple Jelly

24 Jars of Crabapple Jelly
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If my first jars of crabapple jelly were still alive today, they would be nine years old. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for me), they died a quick death at the hand of breakfast toast. In honor of their fond memory, the family and I canned 26 jars of crabapple jelly today. The crabapples were from our tree in the backyard. All 26 jars successfully sealed (even the two makeshift Smucker's jars not shown in the photo). Now I just hope it tastes good.


JJGames said...

That looks pretty delicious. 24 jars of jelly can cover a lot of toast. Enjoy!

TanookiTravis said...

So what is it, 26 jars or 24 jars? I won't know just how delicious it is until I know all the facts.

mndrix said...

Well, it's truly 26 jars. But two of the jars are mongrel Smucker's jars that we salvaged from the fridge. I didn't include them in the picture lest their homely faces demean the other jellies. Fortunately, the outward appearance doesn't detract from their taste.