Saturday, September 01, 2007

Treadmill with a USB interface

It seems like a simple request. I want a treadmill with a USB interface so that I can download workout data. The treadmill's computer already tracks heartrate, mileage, incline, etc. Just slap a USB interface on the side so that I can plug my SanDisk Cruzer into it and download my workout. A simple CSV file with "workout time", "distance", "average heart rate" would be enough to start with. Something like this:

time (minutes),distance (feet),heart rate (bpm)
I might actually run inside in the winter if I knew I was collecting data that I could turn into pretty graphs. Plus, I could put it in my annual report :)


JJGames said...

That is a really good idea. I am surprised nobody has created something like that. Or a bluetooth Treadmill too so you could send it to a computer in your house. Not as useful if you workout in a gym but same idea.

JJGames said...

After a little research, this does exist. Treadmill with ipod and USB connectivity for tracking workouts.

mndrix said...

Wow, great searching jjgames. That is one fancy treadmill. I hadn't thought of bluetooth, but that would be handy too.

TanookiTravis said...

This is awesome. Now all I need is a treadmill with USB ports that isn't obsurdly expensive. Then I'm set.

Martin said...

There should be a treadmill that has only the track, safety bars and a USB port with an API.
Get the control panel you want separately and plug it in, or use your laptop.